smells that breathe

When we make our olfactory captures, they are alive and moving. When we put them in a bottle, we carefully maintain their liveliness. They smell good and more than that, they also feel good, because they transform you. And they transform themselves, adapting themselves to you and becoming personal and unique. Being completely organic, they interact with your personal odour, evolving with you. Breathing with you.

These are our three product lines

Moving Scents

They move and move you

They are our interpretation of the wildest Alt Empordà, always moving. Because this three fragrances BOSC, MUGA and CALA propose a journey, starting from the humid forests of the Albera and Les Salines, following the Muga river by the valley down to the wild coves of Cap de Creus.

Off Road Fragrances

The bravest one. Landscape in vein.

Each CAMÍ corresponds to a particular walk or trail through the most beautiful natural sites of the Empordà. All the ingredients grow naturally on that moment and on that particular place where we are crossing the landscape. It’s formulated by hand, harvesting and selecting the wild plants on the trail. Afterwards, everything goes in the still. No fear. Bravely.
Due to the exceptional way in which it’s produced, we will only launch a very limited edition of no more than 40 bottles for each CAMÍ.

Clearing Mist

Subtle Botanical elegance with all the properties and benefits of the plants.

Feels like wallowing, at dawn, through a meadow covered with rosemary, lavender and thyme. Or like the transpiration of a shadowy oak forest at dusk. Pure distilled water of plants, mosses and flowers. Nothing else. No alcohol or additives of any kind. BOIRA means mist. Fog that gives rest to your eyes, but at the same time, awakes your other senses, giving you a more complete and savage experience, clearing your perceptions.


Our fragrances don’t have any synthetic fixatives that shield their natural evolution. As a result, they are masculine in men and feminine in women, or more precisely, they adapt themselves to every kind of nature. Because nature is full of wonderful surprises.