BRAVACAMPS / Off road experience


Walking along with Ernesto Collado, creator of Bravanariz and passionate communicator, you will pick wild plants and you will learn about their secrets and properties. These plants define the smell of  the Empordà and their characteristic fragrance is captured in all Bravanariz-products.

You will discover hidden corners of unexpected beauty in the Empordà nature along megalithic paths and trails and you will get to know the people who are nowadays working and living in it.

Arriving at the camp, with the harvest, you will learn the ancestral techniques used by Bravanariz to extract all the properties from the plants. Meanwhile, on the fire, somebody is cooking  an exquisite mar i muntanya dish. And the smells mingle with the aromas coming from the mobile distillation workshop, where you will elaborate the fragrance of your experience.

It’s a real Bravanariz-style experience: we love luxury without nonsense.  The luxury of true wealth: a glass of fresh spring water, straight from the well, served in a cristal can, with lots of love and above all: time. Another fundamental Bravanariz ingredient is the unbeatable company of people who love their work and who enjoy sharing it with others.

If you want to get into the landscape, come and put on your boots

There are three different ways to enjoy our bravacamps:

Paseo / Walk (3-4hours)

A pleasant olfactory and gustatory appetizer of the experience of being landscape. The lightest and most accessible way to know how we do what we do.

Echarse el día/ Spend the day (6hours)

One day may be enough to change the way you cross the landscape (and your life). Most likely, after you spend the day with us, you will never walk the same way again.

La expedición/ The expedition (32hours)

For the bravest. Total immersion. To go back home, tired, happy and being landscape.

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