It’s not only what we do, but also how we do it. Our products crystalize time, our compromise and an experience of great wealth. There’s a lot of us in them. Get to know us a little.


We are no perfumers. But we love to smell for real. We are fascinated by the landscape and curiosity is our motor. We are auto-didacts from the beginning, our knowledge is based on experience and practice. That means we are involved personally and with our own hands in all stages of production, from harvesting to packing, so we can control and define better what we want.

compromised with the landscape

Conserving the landscape is a vital issue for us. That’s why we’ve designed an exclusive sustainable harvesting protocol, that ensures the development of plants and the equilibrium of their natural environment. We produce limited quantities because quality is our top priority. We don’t do any animal testing (excepting, of course, on ourselves and our family and friends). Our instalations are mainly powered by renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and rain.

local exoticism

In our formulas we exclusively use autochthonous plants that grow naturally in the Empordà region. We also work with local producers and collaborate with likeminded projects from beekeepers, ecological winemakers and artisan brewers, activating the local rural economy as well as reinforcing social ties. Because we love the landscape not only for the picture. Landscape sculpts people and the other way around.

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